Calhoun Cleburne Children’s Center

Our Services

Forensic Interviews.  Law Enforcement and Department of Human Resource investigators may schedule a child for a forensic interview when there is a report that a child may have suffered sexual abuse or severe physical abuse. Our interviews are conducted by trained professionals, using a respected interview protocol. Following the interview, the team of professionals (law enforcement, DHR, and interviewer, will speak to you regarding any concerns for your child and develop an individualized plan for you and your family.

Extended Forensic Interviews.  At times there may be additional information that the investigators feel your child may be able to provide, but did not provide in the forensic interview.  Other times a child may be scared and uncomfortable during the initial interview, and the team may feel he/she will do better if they can have more time with the interviewer to give information needed to ensure their safety.  In these cases, your child may be asked to return for an extended interview, which can take as many as four sessions.  These sessions are also conducted by the trained professional staff.

Therapy.  If needed, your child may be scheduled for counseling sessions with one of our therapists.  The therapists have training in respected, evidence based counseling techniques.  They will assess your child for trauma and develop an individualized treatment plan, with your input. We are also excited to announce that as of April 6, 2020, our counselors will also be available to do online therapy.  We have a secure service that is HIPAA compliant, so the client's information is protected, and the service is easy to use.  If you choose this platform, you must have access to a smart phone, tablet, or computer, and you must download the Telehealth app.  Call or email us for more information.

Parent Group.  This group meets twice a month, or as needed, and is led by Elaine Young.  Ms. Young will provide parents with information regarding the processes their child/family may be asked to do during and after the investigation.  She will also address with you some of the emotions and reactions that your child and you may experience as a result of the abuse.  In addition, there will be a chance for you to share experience from other parents with similar situations and concerns. Parents are also welcome to participate in individual counseling, as needed.

Teen Group. This group meets twice a month, when there is enough interest.  A variety of topics will be addressed, including self esteem and tips on dealing with trauma.